Art School One, or AS1 (pronounced “A-S-1”), provides a place for student artists to break the “art school bubble” – to push beyond the studio walls and into the world. A combination of social networking and professional-grade portfolio sharing, AS1 fosters inspiration via both competitive spirit and camaraderie between art students. The website involves alumni and industry insider interviews, student-posted artwork, competitions, on-campus event coverage, and more to keep art students in touch with happenings and art culture in school and beyond. AS1 will also include an annual “in real life” summit event at rotating host art schools and smaller satellite events to cement and further the networking and connecting done online. Every registered art school’s students will automatically be given an AS1 profile upon matriculation, but it is up to the student to activate his or her own page. The art world is notoriously a small one, but before AS1 there was no online home for student artists to connect and share with their peers.

Founded Fall 2011 by Joseph Cato, Daniel Chae, Tomas Hernando-Kofman, Sean “Featuring Josh” Mullins, Alice Taranto, and Daphne Taranto.


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  • Please Note

    This website is a temporary, under-construction beta mockup site and is not (yet) supported by any particular art school. Please email ataranto@RISD.edu with any love, hate, or questions.
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